THE Biggest Weekend in Dumbo

  Photo by epc

250,000 people will be in Dumbo Brooklyn this weekend to attend the 10th annual Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival from Friday, October 13 to Sunday, October 15. The annual festival is the largest field for experimentation in public space art by emerging artists in the United States. Along with extensive gallery showings, neighborhood wanderers who visit for the festival will discover Project Glow: light installations and sculptures illuminating the waterfront and Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to wander in and out of the galleries that show hundreds of emerging artists from NYC and around the world. It’s like a neighborhood-wide museum with outdoor installations in the park, on the streets, and in the galleries.

“The best way to experience DUMBO and the festival, of course, is to start with a jaunt across the Brooklyn Bridge for a bird’s-eye view of the tiny neighborhood under the adjacent Manhattan Bridge. Look for the red, white and blue water tower on the roof of a building on your left as you near Brooklyn – that’s approximately where you’re headed. Follow the exit ramp to the left and descend a short flight of stairs to street level. Head downhill, and in two short blocks you’ll see Washington Street, one of the main gallery arteries that weave through DUMBO.” (by Ginger Adams Otis)

“Extra this year: new international programs featuring artists from Beirut, Mexico City and Seoul plus special live video/music event by renowned Mexican media artists, Arcangel Constantini and Manrico Montero. In addition, Fred Brehm, takes visitors on a nostalgia trip, with a compilation of archival footage from the past festivals.

Streets, lobbies, elevators, loading docks, facades, under the Manhattan Bridge, storefronts, sidewalks, parks, trees, grass, billboards, rooftops, sky, corridors, walls, water, riverbank, windows; in fact, everywhere and anywhere in DUMBO: a multitude of site-responsive projects by a rising generation of visual artists: pro-situ art performance trio, TRYST, stage Assisted Street Crossings and Line, a monumental street happening that accentuates the formal aspects of mass collaboration.” (from Courier Life)

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