Arts & Draughts & Small Businesses in Dumbo

NextStop NYC, an initiative of New York City’s Department of Small Business Sesrvices features the great neighborhoods in NYC along the F subway line. They break down the city line by line and feature Dumbo Brooklyn at the York Station stop on the F Line.

On the Dumbo page, Dumbo is described as Arts & Draughts, “snuggled along Brooklyn’s waterfront between the towering Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges lies DUMBO, a small F-train neighborhood chock full of galleries, funky shops and historic buildings.”

Creativity Among the Cobblestones
DUMBO has quickly become a creative hotspot. The charming old warehouses and manufacturing spaces of yesteryear house up-and-coming artists, photographers, fashion designers, web designers and other members of the creative class today. Furniture makers and woodworkers take advantage of large lofts to craft their unique pieces, while advertisers and printers fill workspaces throughout the neighborhood. Turn any corner in charming DUMBO and you’re likely to bump into a show space or boutique or come across a gallery opening, theatrical performance, cutting-edge design gathering or fashion show. And thanks to the neighborhood’s iconic architecture and stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline, hundreds of movies and TV shows have also been filmed in DUMBO, including The Sopranos, Law & Order, and Sex & the City.

I’m glad to see the city of NYC supporting small businesses. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods attract small businesses and Dumbo is no exception. If you’re a business owner in Dumbo, contact us so we can add it to our list for recommendations. We occasionally get asked about recommending small businesses in Dumbo by people looking for certain services/products.

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