My Ideal New Brooklyn Bridge Park

StreetsBlog first mentioned the news release from the Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront Local Development Corporation yesterday. From the press release:

The study will kick off with an open public meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4 at the auditorium at St. Francis College. The meeting will be the first in a series of open public meetings to discuss access issues concerning the new park.

Sam Schwartz PLLC will be leading a multi-disciplinary team of traffic engineers, transportation planners and architects studying various transportation and access alternatives. The study will focus solely on an examination of how to improve transportation and access to-and-from the park. The study will explore a variety of topics including potential vertical connections from Brooklyn Heights, subway access, bike lanes, greenway connections, jitney buses, waterborne transportation and improved pedestrian accommodations on Old Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue.

I personally hope that Brooklyn Bridge Park will be like Vancouver’s Granville Island, an urban planning success story. It has wonderful public spaces, a great farmer’s market and restaurants, local crafts, stores, and brings in local people and tourists. Parking is tight, but controlled and there are other means of public transportation to the area. Brooklyn Bridge Park has the luxury of more space and a long waterfront, so let’s hope community organizations such as Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund and local politicians can learn from other urban success stories. What’s your ideal BB Park?

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