Resident of Mysterious Parking Sign Responds

A parking sign (above taken this morning) on Front Street between Washington and Main Streets, bans parking in the Dumbo neighborhood from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, mysteriously appeared Monday or Tuesday, according to a New York Daily News article. Then police started ticketing and towing cars parked there.

The only problem, the city Transportation Department said yesterday, is that there are no parking restrictions on the south side of Front St., between Washington and Main Sts. – and they have no idea who put up the official sign.

The city says they will take down the sign to allow parking there but as of this morning, September 1, the sign is still there. I contacted David, who was mentioned in the articles, told me that

“Reporter from the DN was back in the neighborhood this morning trying to see if the city removed the sign. They have not as of yet…Bottom line is no one is talking responsibility for putting the sign up. The city claims they didn’t do it, but it’s pretty clear that it’s a city-installed sign. Hopefully the DN will follow up on this.”

Let’s hope that the city keep their word and that David and the others who were ticketed and towed don’t go through too much red tape to get their fees retracted.

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